Ultra Slim TGT Wallet (4)

Ultra Slim TGT Wallet

When it comes to wallets we have certainly adopted the philosophy that thinner is better, and no one is “better” than the newly introduced TGT Wallet.

Dubbed “a new kind of wallet,” Jack Sutter has approached the slim wallet market in an extremely innovative way. We still find ourselves going back and forth between classic bulky wallets and slim front pocket wallets, because let’s face it, we are dynamic. Some days we require a bit more cards, cash, or just plain junk than other days for one reason or another. Well the TGT is a paper thin elastic and leather wallet that can hold as little or as much as you would like. Brooklyn based designer Jack Sutter introduced a dynamic wallet that will remain extremely “tight” and compact even with a mess of credit cards, money, and receipts shoved into them, and Mr. Sutter has not compromised form for function. The wallet looks great, and is available in a slew of different colors.

You can support the innovative TGT Wallet now at Kickstarter.

Ultra Slim TGT Wallet (3)

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