Leather Bicycle Can Cage


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Leather Bicycle Can CageThe 6 Pack Bike Frame Holder is perfect for transporting a batch of your favorite brew, but what if you just want to bring along a single can for the ride?

Well that’s exactly where the Bicycle Can Cage comes into play.  Designed by the team at Walnut Studiolo, this beautifully crafted case is lightweight, but does not compromise on quality construction. The leather case is designed to fit standard sized cans, but can also comfortably accommodate tall boys as well. The Bicycle Can Cage has been tested on rugged off road tours, and has lived up to the test. The holder comes ready to install right out of the box, and connects to your bike via the three included clamps, two connecting to the handle bar, and one fitting around the stem spacers.

Leather Bicycle Can Cage (3)

Leather Bicycle Can Cage (2)

Leather Bicycle Can Cage (1)

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