High Performance GloveShot Slingshot


Gear BYStaff

High Performance GloveShot SlingshotLooking to stir some trouble in your office the same way you would harass the neighbors when you were just a young boy? Well that’s exactly what the GloveShot Slingshot was created for.

This high performance slingshot is designed with a hand brace providing much more stability than would otherwise be found with a standard slingshot utilizing your forearm. The slingshot is shot with your arm straight out in front of you, much like you would shoot an arrow from a bow. The slingshot comes equipped with a 16 pound pull weight band, but can easily be upgraded to a double flat band increasing pull weight to 30 plus pounds. A high quality aluminum frame holds the band and the 550 pound breaking strength Paracord. You can purchase your directly from Montie Gear.