Foldboat Foldable Boat (5)

Foldboat Water Vessel

Design students are often behind some of the most brilliantly engineered contraptions, and that is certainly the case in the stunning Foldboat.

Just as the name would suggest, the Foldboat is essentially a foldable boat. The all matte black water vessel was designed as a collaboration project between students Arno Mathies and Max Frommelt. Constructed from a single sheet of plastic the boat is compact, measuring in at a mere 250 centimeters x 150 centimeters when it’s completely folded, which makes it small enough to tote around in a large backpack during your next outdoor excursion. The boat is actually quite spacious as well, and although it’s been tested with 2 individuals, we wouldn’t recommend more than 1.

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Foldboat Foldable Boat (2)

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