Zombie Apocalypse Defense M48 Series Axe and Spike

Zombie Apocalypse Defense: M48 Series Axe and Spike

The question has never been if a zombie apocalypse will occur, or even when it will happen. The question has always been will you be prepared when it does go down?

We are constantly scouring the web on a daily basis to ensure that you are fully armed and ready for what’s about to go down, and the one thing we can never have too much of; weapons. If you’ve read the Zombie Survival Guide, you know just how useful killer zombie knives will be, which is why the M48 Apocalypse Series may end up being your best friend. This axe and spike zombie defense tool  features a blade securely attached to paracord wrapped, nylon reinforced handle to ensure longevity and durability of the weapon. You can get yours now from ThinkGeek.

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