King Joffrey Baratheon Target Poster

King Joffrey Baratheon Target Practice Poster

It’s hard to argue that Game Of Thrones isn’t one of the best shows on television these days. Within 2 seasons, the television show that was spawned from a book series has amassed a cult like following that allowed a season 3 to be renewed on 9th day of the season 2 premiere.

We have professed our personal love for the show many times over, but there’s one thing, or person for that matter, on the show that we absolutely despise, and we’ll let you take a guess. That’s right, King Joffrey Baratheon. This undeserving little punk has built nearly as much hatred as the entire show has built in popularity, but it certainly wouldn’t be Game Of Thrones without him. To take out your frustration on the King, this Target Joffrey poster will do the trick just perfectly. Pick yours up at 604 Republic for only $7. [Via]

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