Snooze Alarm Dock for Apple iPhone

Snooze Alarm Dock for Apple iPhone

Since its original inception back on June 29th, 2007 the Apple iPhone has revolutionized the smart phone industry, and has transformed phones into truly “can’t leave home without it” gadget.

With a laundry list of options and capabilities the iPhone pushed the boundaries for smart phones. Even with all of this new found technology, we have never been content with the size of the snooze button while using the iPhone as an alarm. Now you can toss that old alarm clock out thanks to the all new Snooze, the iPhone Alarm Dock with a massive snooze button. If you’re tired of fumbling for your iPhone in the early mornings looking for that tiny button, this thing will be a real life saver. The massive rubber snooze button sits atop a beautifully crafted maple stand that docks your iPhone, proving once again that the iPhone really can do anything. Get yours today from Amazon.

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