Coastermatic Instagram Beverage Coasters


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Coastermatic Instagram Beverage CoastersFacebook purchasing social photo sharing application Instagram for $1 billion was certainly a clear indication of just how popular the service has become since originally launching back in October of 2010, and the popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Seeing how much people love using the service, it comes as absolutely no surprise that so many apps have been introduced to help people showcase their favorite Instagram photos in creative ways including Stitchtagram, Printstagram, and StickyGram. The latest service to hit the scene is none other than Coastermatic. Created by Tom Harman and Tash Wong, the service allows people to transform their favorite Instagram photos into incredible stone constructed beverage coasters.

Coastermatic Instagram Beverage Coasters (2)

Coastermatic Instagram Beverage Coasters (1)

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