UBB Widow Maker 1100 Mustang (4)

2012 UBB Widow Maker 1100 Mustang

Since first being introduced back in the 1960s, the Ford Mustang has gone on to become an icon in the automotive industry and continues to grow in popularity with each passing year.

Featured here is no ordinary Mustang in the 2012 UBB Widow Maker 11100 Mustang. The name derives from the fact that this beast is packing a 5.4 liter supercharged V8 engine that pumps out 1,100 horsepower helping the car 60 miles per hour from a dead stop in just 3.7 seconds. If speeding on the freeway is your thing, the UBB Widow Maker can reach a top speed of 230 miles per hour. Equipped with 19 a full carbon body kit, Brembo brakes, 19 inch black wheels, Recaro seats, and even built in radar jammers, the Widow Maker will set you back a cool $135,000. [Via]

UBB Widow Maker 1100 Mustang (3)

UBB Widow Maker 1100 Mustang (2)

UBB Widow Maker 1100 Mustang (1)

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