Pininfarina Fuoriserie Bicycle by 43 Milano 1

Pininfarina Fuoriserie Bicycle by 43 Milano

The team at Pininfarina may be best known for the frequent collaborations with the Italian auto maker Ferrari, but they’re proving they can also design pedal powered machines with the unveiling of the Pininfarina Fuoriserie Bicycle. One quick glance at … Continue reading


Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band

Everyone’s been getting in on the wearables action as of late, and now it’s time to for the tech giant Microsoft to show what they have up their sleeves. This week the brand has unveiled their Microsoft Band. Sure it’s … Continue reading


Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series 0

Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series

The LA Auto Show brings with it plenty of new models, but it also brings about new iterations of our favorite current offerings as well. Fans of Porsche’s family wagon will be happy to know that the German auto maker … Continue reading


Baking Bad- The Breaking Bad Cookbook

Baking Bad: The Breaking Bad Cookbook

Hard to believe it’s already been over a year since ‘Breaking Bad‘ left the air. Paying homage to the greatest television show to ever hit the air, author Walter Wheat has introduced ‘Baking Bad: A Parody in a Cookbook.’ A … Continue reading


Together LeBron James Nike Commercial

‘Together’ LeBron James Nike Commercial

In just a few hours, LeBron James will make his triumphant return to Cleveland as the Cavaliers kick off their season opener against the New York Knicks. Nike is celebrating the return of the King in this 2-minute short called … Continue reading


Best Base Layers

Skin Deep: The 6 Best Base Layers

To be a successful snowboarder, skier, or survivalist nut job burying guns in the woods, you must look deep down. Not deep within yourself, because that kind of self-reflection and naval-gazing won’t help you. Rather you must look deep within … Continue reading


HEXO Plus Autonomous Drone 1

HEXO+ Autonomous Drone

We’re thinking the 2014 holiday season is gonna feature a lot of drones under the tree for tech lovers who’re ready to take the plunge into this blossoming tech segment. And while the HEXO+ won’t start shipping until next May, … Continue reading


Bosco Verticale- Vertical Garden Apartments In Milan Italy 1

Bosco Verticale: Vertical Garden Apartments In Milan, Italy

Pretty cool concept being executed here in the historic Porta Nuova District in Milan, Italy. It’s called Bosco Verticale (means “vertical forest”), and it’s a new residential complex that takes the whole sustainable housing thing to a new level—literally. Italian architect … Continue reading



Vvego Gunner Leather Bracelet

If the word “bracelet” somehow turns you off due to any perceived feminine connotations—come on, it’s 2014. But still, if you’d like to wear one and want it as manly as possible, check out the Vvego Gunner Leather Bracelet. This … Continue reading


Batmobile Blueprints 1

Batmobile Blueprints

Pssst… Hey! You got connections with the Joker? Don’t tell Commissioner Gordon or anything, but we’ve managed to get our hands on the blueprints of the Batmobile (designed by Robert Lattin). Yes, the inner details of Batman’s iconic do-it-all ride … Continue reading