Best Winter Beers

The 15 Best Winter Beers To Drink This Season

Winter is really cold. In fact, it can be downright unpleasant. The image of fall, for example, is romanticized by the falling of multi-colored leaves and warm apple cider. The image of winter however, is more like a sober person … Continue reading


Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer 1

Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer

While 2015 won’t be the year 3D printing goes mainstream, that just means if you get a 3D printer, your coolest-guy-on-the-block cred will rise that much higher. And why not start off with something easy to use? Dremel’s Idea Builder 3D … Continue reading


Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10

Choosing to skip over number 9 and jump straight to Windows 10, Microsoft is promising big things with its next operating system, due this fall. There’s one thing we already love about it: it’s free. Windows 7 and 8.1 users will be … Continue reading


Chop-E Electric Bike 2

Chop-E Electric Bike

Chop-E is a new electric two-wheeler out of – whoa – Estonia, and if that alone weren’t cool enough, the thing actually looks like a lot of fun. Let’s investigate. You can see right away where they got the name … Continue reading


24k Gold Gaming Controllers by Colorware 1

24k Gold Gaming Controllers by Colorware

Here’s one way to hush up some of the ill-mannered cretins on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network: flash ‘em a pic of your new 24-karat gold controller. Using a complex process to achieve the desired rich, glossy finish, the electronics … Continue reading


2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec 1

2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec

There’s Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and then there’s the actual wolverine, a fearless, ferocious little skunk bear that’s usually up for any kind of challenge. We believe it’s that kind of wolverine that the 2016 Wolverine R-Spec is referencing. Featuring a … Continue reading


Valentines Day Gifts For Him

Men’s Wishlist: 35 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day has become a savage, mercenary commercial holiday that is all about materialism. Which. Is. Great. News. A commercial holiday means a chance to both give and receive stuff, which is always fun. If you’re like many people in … Continue reading


Adidas Ultra BOOST Running Shoe 1

Adidas Ultra BOOST Running Shoe

Adidas has really been stepping up their game as of late, and now they look to change the game with what they’re calling the best running shoe ever made. Say hello to the Adidas Ultra BOOST performance shoe. This lightweight … Continue reading


Microsoft HoloLens 0

Microsoft HoloLens

Technology continues to push the envelope, blending our digital world with the real world. And if projects like Oculus Rift are any indication, product innovators aren’t slowing things down. Microsoft would like to welcome you to the future with their … Continue reading


Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tool 1

Leatherman Tread Wearable Multi-Tool

Like most of you guys out there, you’ll never catch us without a multi-tool in our pockets. It’s an essential part to our EDC kit, but they can become quite bulky. Leatherman is looking to reinvent the traditional multi-tool with … Continue reading