Best Gangster Movies

The 25 Best Gangster Movies Of All Time

Like a piping hot plate of spaghetti and meatballs, a great gangster movie is eternally satisfying. Maybe it’s the fact that we all just like to be the bad guy once in a while, or just see how they live. … Continue reading


Shinola Henry Ford Pocket Watch 1

Shinola Henry Ford Pocket Watch

When he wasn’t daydreaming of the day his company would create automotive excellence with the 2011 Fiesta, Henry Ford was probably checking his watch a lot, making sure his auto empire was running on-time. As part of its Great Americans Series, Shinola … Continue reading


Hemingwrite Typewriter 1

Hemingwrite Typewriter

Writing the next great American novel becomes a lot harder when you’ve got FB pings and viral videos stealing your time in front of the computer. If you need a single purpose, distraction-free writing device, the Hemingwrite could be the … Continue reading


Olloclip 4-IN-1 Photo Lens For iPhone 6

Olloclip 4-IN-1 Photo Lens For iPhone 6

Yes, smartphone cameras keep getting better, but no, they’re still no match for high-end cameras. But if you’d like to make Apple’s iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus your one-stop solution for photography, perhaps you should consider something like the … Continue reading


Air New Zealands Epic Hobbit-Inspired Safety Video 2

Air New Zealand’s Epic Hobbit-Inspired Safety Video

Face it, the only time you pay attention to the pre-flight safety demonstration is when the flight attendant is hot. And if it’s a video presentation, you’re out cold before they even get to the seat-buckling part. But massive kudos to … Continue reading


Prombron Black Shark Luxury Armored SUV 1

Prombron Black Shark Luxury Armored SUV

The Ford F-150, Hummer H2, or any other vehicle that likes to think of itself as tough will have to hang its head in shame when parked next to the new Prombron Black Shark. Courtesy Dartz, the Latvian company known … Continue reading


Best Ski Boots

Snow Kickers: The 6 Best Ski Boots

Human beings have devised many objects of torture over the years. The iron maiden, the rack, and the Boy Band were just a few of the devices that sadists pumped out in order to cause suffering to their fellow man. … Continue reading


BeoPlay A2 Bluetooth Speaker by Bang and Olufsen 1

BeoPlay A2 Bluetooth Speaker by Bang & Olufsen

The Danish team at Bang & Olufsen have begun gearing up for the upcoming holiday season with an all new Bluetooth speaker. Meet the brand’s beautifully crafted BeoPlay A2. More than just a gorgeous face, this wireless speaker is packed … Continue reading


Gresso Titanium iPhone 6 Case 1

Gresso Titanium iPhone 6 Case

If you’re really worried about iPhone 6 bending, you might want to take a look at the strongest case produced for Apple’s latest smartphone iteration. Meet the Gresso titanium iPhone 6 case. Putting its money where its mouth is, this … Continue reading


The Baleia Houses by Studio Arthur Casas 1

The Baleia Houses by Studio Arthur Casas

We couldn’t imagine anything more gorgeous than a beach bungalow in Brazil. Studio Arthur Casa agreed. In fact they agreed so much that the design team decided they wanted to build not just one, but four adjacent dwellings lining the … Continue reading